welcome to ci records

Established in 1987, CI Records has been influencing the music industry for over 30 years. Being the launchpad of multiple Billboard 200 charting bands, the home base of the Launch Music Conference, and leading the punk and metal movement in Lancaster, PA have created the reputation of quality that CI Records strives for with each endeavor. CI Records offers multiple services for artists that can help to launch their career.


Music distribution

So you’ve done your time in the studio and have a finished product. Now what? You need someone with a following who can distribute and promote your music to solidify your fanbase. CI Records deals with streaming services, physical distribution, and even band merchandise to help your band gain notoriety.

artist management

Your first album is released and you’re building your fanbase. Now comes contracts, booking gigs, and promotions. CI Records has the experience and connections to help you grow your audience and gain recognition in various arenas.


Custom apparel

Need shirts embroidered or printed for your band or company? Look no further! CI Records offers competitive rates on a variety of printing and apparel preferences. Contact info@cirecords.com for to obtain a quote.